Friday, July 13, 2012

A Week of Pinterest

After the crazy month we've had, I wanted to take it easy and stay home for the week. Just get back to basics and catch up on some sleep. I wanted to try something different from pinterest every week! And the best of all, it only costs me 72 cents for a week worth of fun!!

MONDAY and TUESDAY: you've already seen HERE. We made a table fort on Monday and Tuesday we made cornstarch goop.

WEDNESDAY we played with a box full of stuff (inspired HERE). Literally. I gathered a bunch of random non-toy things, threw them in a box, and called it a day. Noah's box included a mirror, empty oreo box, funnel, cheese grater, alarm clock, bump-its, alligator clips, squirt bottle, resistance band, pants hanger with pajamas bottoms attached, cooling rack, and a silicone bundt pan.

THURSDAY, it finally stopped raining so we could play outside. I made 5 trays of colored ice cubes after seeing THIS pin and knew Noah would have a blast. He didn't disappoint. First we added ice cubes to our tub of water. Noah had fun trying to pick the ice cubes out of the water.

Next we played with them on our picnic table and he "painted" with them.

Noah was still in a creative mood, so we colored with chalk! I don't know why I hadn't let him do that before. He love scribbling all over and then stomping on his artwork with his wet feet, washing it away in the process.

FRIDAY we painted with cornstarch. I used the same cornstarch from the Tuesday activity and followed these instructions. I used a tablespoon of cornstarch, and enough water to cover it, with food coloring. I mixed them in individual containers before transferring them to the muffin pan. It was Noah's first time painting and he was quite the artist.


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