Tuesday, July 24, 2012

(EXTRA)Ordinary Fun

We've been dealing with a stomach bug this past week. So I definitely wasn't in the mood (or even able) to go out and get fun new things for Noah. This week, we turned normal activities into fun, new-ish games! Okay, don't get all excited. It's not that impressive, but it was fun & free!!

While window showing, we lol'd at the rodents at Petco! Noah's always been a fan of animals, so we try to stop at pet store when ever we have a chance!


We took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and washed our cars.

Noah loved playing with the squeegee.

We even pulled out his cozy coupe so he could wash his car, just like mommy!

And of course, we had to roller coaster ride down the drive way with Aunt Rachel!

On Sunday, Noah's 16 month birthday, we took a bath .... full of JELLO! It was actually pretty awesome. I made a double batch of blue jello. Added a little bit of water and we splashed, played, and ate.

Here's a better shot of what the sensory bath looked like! Just putting a little bit extra into ordinary things to make them fun!!


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