Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Year, New Fun

 Apologies, my blogger friends. I let work get the best of me and have been slacking at update with all the fun things that Noah and I have been doing

Noah is almost two now and I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. It seems just last week, my husband and I were bring home our beautiful baby boy. Now, he's growing into such a wonderful toddler and I am constantly impressed with how smart he is! He's developed quite a fondness for trains. It's helped him work on his fine motor skills, cause & effect, cognitive, and language development. He'll tell me the names and colors of the trains, "Blue Thomas", "Green Percy", and "Purple Charlie". He's learning how to manipulate the different trains to align them using the magnets and move them through the wooden tracks/obstacles. For older children, you can try something like THIS to introduce math with measuring. Try comparing sizes of trains. Grouping them by colors. Talk about going OVER the bridge and UNDER the tunnel. Turn his hobby into a fun, learning experience. Found HERE.

Like any mom, we still have to run errands. Noah loves going in the "car cart" and identifying different foods, colors, and shapes that we see. Try THIS for more ideas on how to keep running errands fun!

For Christmas, Noah made masterpieces for presents. Inspired by THIS.  Easy, cheap (we made 2 11x 14 canvases for under $15), and tons of fun. Noah loves to paint. His art is priceless and I love displaying his little masterpieces. They were greatly appreciated by family members too. Great for grandparents! :)

Another fun buy at the Dollar Tree, WINDOW CLINGS! Noah love using his fine motor skills to move and redecorate one of our windows. He enjoyed pointing out the different colors and items on each window cling. For more examples of fun you can have with Dollar Store products, click HERE.

Just remember, the goal is to have fun. You can always have fun using the stuff you have at home without spending a dime. Here, Noah used an IKEA clothes hamper as a tunnel.  What a goober.
Happy playing!


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